Don’t touch your face!

On average we touch our face 23 times an hour. A tool that reminds you when you are touching your face, helping you modify your behavior. An experiment to avoid the spread COVID-19.

Preparing the machine. Please allow camera access

Nice! keep those hands away Stop touching your face!

To exit simply close the browser window.

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How it works?

A machine-learning algorithm was taught what people touching their faces & not touching their faces looks like.

Using your webcam algorithm monitors you & alerts you when you touch your face with audio feedback.

The machine is taught to recognize people who are sitting down at their desks. Which is it's intended context of use. If you plan to stand up or lie down on your bed it won't work as well. Read more about the design process.


The algorithm runs locally on the browser. Once the machine learning model is downloaded your data never leaves your browser.

Video feedback has been turned off as the application is intended to run passively like a browser extension to save computational load. To have a peek behind the curtain try out a version with video feedback.


CDC & other medical organizations recommend not touching face as one way to avoid contracting COVID-19. Touching face is an involuntary action we do a lot without even being aware of it. Read more about it below:

Simply stopping to touch our faces won't stop the spread of the virus. Follow guidelines setup by medical professionals & be responsible.

Made by Atharva Patil