Me sitting in front of a chirstmas tree

I'm Swiss army knife product designer & creative technologist

Currently leading design at Atlas AI, where I bring AI to the interface delivering insights at a continental scale. I'm a graduate of from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications program. Previously, I have worked as a product designer at Kayak, improving the flight search experience, Olacabs, crafting experiences for emerging markets in southeast asia & Indian startup ecosystem.

As an interdisciplinary designer & technologist I approach problems with a system design approach breaking the myopic barriers set by silos of disciplines. I use my background in engineering, design, photography, arts to solve complex problems.

As a designer I am passionate about creating impact through mindful design with emerging technologies. Making products to be more accessible, inclusive, and human. This pursuit recently led to my master's thesis at the intersection of Machine learning & interaction design. Taking an ethical, humane & holistic approach in designing an algorithm filled future.

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